Daniel Dart for U.S. Congress

New Leadership and Energy for New Jersey's 12th Congressional District.

Daniel Dart for U.S. Congress

New Leadership for New Jersey's 12th District

Daniel Dart is a proven leader with a track record of bringing people together to solve the toughest challenges.

Former elected member of the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education

Former Chief Operating Officer of Merrill Lynch Investment Managers

Served as a Trustee/Treasurer of the Watershed Institute in Pennington

Served as a Chair of the Investment Committee for the Corner House Foundation.

Resident of Princeton, New Jersey

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Committed To Solving The Toughest Problems.

In Congress, Dan will bring the same determination he is known for in the private and public sectors to solving the toughest problems to move the country forward.

Growing the economy

Dan believes in the promise of America and that our best days lie ahead. A strong and growing economy benefits ALL by providing new, high paying jobs and new revenues to support essential services.  

Our innovation economy can continue to lead the world but only with a Congress that is able to work together to get things done.

Making new jersey more affordable

Inflation hurts everyone but especially our working families and seniors on a fixed income.

Dan prioritizes the fight against inflation, advocating for policies that stabilize prices, support small businesses, and protect consumers.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country. Dan wants to put money back in your pockets by restoring the state and local tax deduction on property taxes that was reduced during the Trump Administration.

In addition, renters should receive a federal tax credit for that portion of their rent that pays for property taxes. Homeowners’ tax deductions would be restored to pre 2016 levels.


We are a welcoming nation of immigrants. Immigration reform is long overdue and has fallen victim to a polarized Congress. We need to work together on a bi-partisan basis to develop a fair and just immigration policy that accounts for the needs of our society for new workers and the ability of our schools and communities to accommodate them.

We need legal immigration to offset declining birth rates and to meet our need for new workers who also contribute to social security and Medicare as older workers retire.  

Dan believes strongly in secure borders. Dan supports additional funding to strengthen border enforcement and bolster the country's asylum processing infrastructure.

preserving our freedoms

Our freedoms and rights are under threat.  The government must protect our rights and freedoms including:

- Protect our freedom to choose: your body, your choice.

- Protect our freedom to love and marry whomever you want

- Protect our right to learn: access to world-class accurate education.

- Protect our right to vote: to make it easier, not harder to vote.

- Protect our right to safety from crime, hate and discrimination.

Investing in education

Education is the foundation of the promise of the American Dream. Dan strongly champions education and equal opportunity for ALL students.

The federal government needs to invest in our public schools to provide funds addressing learning loss due to the pandemic, supporting early childhood education, the ability to read at grade level and supporting both our special needs students and English language learners; ensuring equal opportunity for all.


The year 2023 was the warmest calendar year on record for planet earth emphasizing the need for bold climate action. New Jersey is warming faster than the rest of the Northeast region and the world according to the 2020 New Jersey Scientific Report on Climate Change.

Climate change affects every single one of us, yet it disproportionately affects our must vulnerable.

Innovations in alternative energy sources can transform our energy sector. Dan will fervently advocate transitioning to renewable energy sources to combat the escalating climate crisis.


Dan is dedicated to improving healthcare, focusing on expanding access to affordable care, enhancing mental health services, and ensuring the availability of comprehensive medical coverage for all citizens.

There are exciting innovations in medicine. Dan will work to make these lifesaving drugs available, accessible, and affordable to those who need them.

Groundbreaking example:

One in 13 black or African American babies are born with sickle cell trait. The FDA just approved a cure for sickle cell disease using an innovative gene-editing technique that led to a breakthrough cure in sickle cell disease.

Securing our safety

Violent crime was up more than 10 percent in New Jersey in 2022, according to a new FBI crime data report.

In New Jersey, in 2022, the property crime rate was up as well. Vehicle thefts also increasd in New Jersey and around the nation, continuing the upward trend it has seen in recent years.

Antisemitism incidents surged in the U.S. after Israel was viciously attacked on October 7 by the terrorist group Hamas.  

Dan is committed to public safety for all and for supporting our first responders and police to protect everyone from crime and hate.