New Leadership for New Jersey's 12th district.

Meet Daniel Dart

Dan Dart is running for Congress to bring new leadership and energy to New Jersey's 12th Congressional District.

Daniel Dart is a strong, common-sense leader with a broad track record of success in education, community, and business. Once elected, he will lead, get things done and make New Jersey work for everyone.

Dan has had the honor of serving as an elected member of the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education. He firmly believes that, "An excellent education is the foundation to achieve the American Dream." With this conviction, Dan is dedicated to advocating for increased federal funding for public education and addressing the mental health needs of students. Highlighting the current state of funding, he points out, "The U.S. Department of Education is the smallest federal agency, receiving merely about 1% of the total federal budget allocated to education." Dan passionately argues, "We can and must do more. Investing in education is investing in our future," emphasizing the critical need for enhanced support and resources in the educational sector.

When the Superintendent reduced staff by 3% due to poor fiscal management, Dan advocated as a member of the Personnel Committee to rehire or replace most of the critical teaching related positions that were eliminated.

As a member of the Student Achievement Committee, Dan obtained increased funding to audit the Special Education programs that were disproportionately classifying students of color. Many of these children were English language learners who simply required more language support.

Dan served six years as a Trustee/Treasurer for the Watershed Institute in Pennington, New Jersey. The Watershed’s mission is keeping water clean, safe, and healthy. Their critical work is protecting and restoring our water and natural environment in central New Jersey. He continues his involvement with the Watershed Institute today as an Advisory Board member.

Under Dan’s leadership as Chair of the Investment Committee of the Corner House Foundation, the portfolio was successfully restructured, costs reduced, and the investment returns improved. These changes provided increased funding for the Foundation’s mission to prevent and treat alcohol and drug addiction by engaging and supporting youth, adults and families in life-long healthy living and recovery.

Dan is a former leader in the investment management industry with a reputation for growing successful businesses. Dan served as a Chief Operating Officer at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers in Plainsboro, New Jersey. He led a team that transformed a business from a loss to a profit and grew assets under management from $4 billion to $32 billion, in a short period of time.

Dan was raised in Boston, Massachusetts where he graduated from the Boston College School of Management. Dan has lived in Princeton, New Jersey for 22 years along with his wife of 29 years, Tracy. They have two wonderful daughters who attended Princeton Public Schools.

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