Policy Differences between Dan Dart and the Incumbent

In this post, we compare the policy differences of Dan Dart and the incumbent on key issues.  As the primary approaches on June 4th, share this with friends who are also looking to choose a New Voice and New Vision for CD-12.


Daniel (Dan) Dart is challenging the incumbent for the Democratic Nomination for Congress. This district (CD-12) includes 7 municipalities in Mercer County, 14 municipalities in Middlesex County, 10 municipalities in Somerset County and 1 City, Plainfield, in Union County.

Dan is an accomplished business leader, formerly a COO of Merrill Lynch, a community leader, and former member of the Board of Education of Princeton Public Schools.

The incumbent is a career politician campaigning for her sixth term in office after 17 years in the Assembly, a seat formerly held by her father.

There are significant differences in political philosophy and policy between the two candidates. This is an important primary that will likely determine the winner of the general election. Congressional District 12 includes almost 190,000 unaffiliated voters who are eligible to vote in the primary on June 4th simply by showing up at their polling location. All voters can make their vote count by voting in the Democratic primary.


Dan will fight for a strong economy, high paying jobs and lower prices. The incumbent favors another big expansion of government with $34 trillion in debt that is growing by $1 trillion every 100 days.


Dan will fight to make New Jersey more affordable by restoring the state and local tax deduction to place money back in people’s pockets. The incumbent has stated publicly that she “supports raising taxes on any income level or entity, to promote economic growth.”


Dan supports legal immigration and immigration reform and also sees the need to secure the southern border to protect and not overwhelm our communities and schools. The incumbent has stated publicly that she does not “support increasing security along the southern border.”

National Security

Dan supports a strong national defense to deter aggression from enemies and strategic rivals such as Russia, Iran, North Korea and China with Taiwan. Dan will fight to protect our democratic alliances such as NATO and the Quad (Australia, India, Japan and the US).

The incumbent has voted multiple times against bills for routine spending on national defense that had wide bi-partisan support and passed with overwhelming majorities.

Affordable Health Care and Medicare

Dan will fight for accessible and affordable health care for all. He supports employer provided health insurance and other private insurance. He will fight to protect Medicare for Seniors.

The incumbent supports a single payer system such as Medicare for All that would result in significantly higher payroll taxes, higher Medicare Premiums for Seniors, and a reduction in benefits. Employees and others would have to give up their, often, heavily subsidized private insurance. The British single payer system is failing badly.


Dan will fight for more federal spending on education so all students can share in the American Dream, and he will fight to fix segregated schools in low-income communities that are not providing a basic education.

The incumbent has represented Trenton for 27 years in the Assembly and Congress and has been completely ineffective at ensuring a good education for low-income students in Trenton Public Schools with reading proficiency of 16% and math proficiency of 2%.

Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other Forms of Hate

Dan will fight to expand and enforce our hate crime laws at the federal, state, and local level to protect all our students and communities from hate.

The incumbent is the only Congressperson from New Jersey that refused to condemn Hamas, an internationally recognized, foreign terrorist organization (FTO) that has been on the US state department FTO list since 1997. The incumbent is the only Congressperson from New Jersey that refused to condemn antisemitism in House Resolution 798.

Securing our Democracy

Dan will fight to protect our democracy by strengthening all our democratic institutions including a free press. Dan will use Congress’s oversight role to ensure transparency and to hold authoritarian leaders, if elected, accountable to the constitution and accountable to the rule of law.

Protecting the Environment and Reproductive Freedoms.

Dan will fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally and accelerate the transition to clean energy. Dan will also fight to protect all our freedoms especially reproductive rights.

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