Join Tracy Dart in Defending Women's Choice and Reproductive Freedoms!

I am a mom and fought hard to become one. I never questioned the right to make the decisions around having children.

The breaking news that day rocked our world after what was already six tumultuous years. Outrage. Bewilderment. How could the Supreme Court do this? I watched the three (Trump) nomination hearings and thought (by the nominee’s own admission) that Roe v Wade was considered ‘settled law’. What was America becoming? What would America look like for our own daughters?

Overturning Roe v Wade turned out to be the first in many more perilous rulings aimed at stripping away women’s rights.

By dividing the issues: abortion access, embryo classification, IVF and more, the extremists are trying to systematically strip us of our freedoms one by one.

“If we think about these parts of medicine as separate or that IVF is different than maternity care, maternity care as different than abortion care, then it continues to fracture the work,” Dr. Jamila Perritt, an ob-gyn and the president and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, said. “All of this is comprehensive reproductive health care. All of our patients everywhere deserve access to it. We will not allow you to fracture the system.”

Our children were born with the aid of fertility treatments. It’s an emotionally draining process that we know firsthand. I gave birth to three beautiful children, suffered two miscarriages, and mourned the loss of the embryos that never survived.

Reproductive healthcare involves the most personal of choices. We deserve the unalienable right to freedom and the right to make the choices that we believe are in our best interests at the time we make them.

Women’s healthcare is a human right, and we demand that our rights are restored.

Join me in support of my husband, Dan and “Vote Dart” on the June 4th primary. Let’s send him to Washington so he can fight for us. You have a choice this year and your vote matters!

United we stand,
Tracy Dart

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