Dan Dart Proposes Solution for South Brunswick’s School Budget Shortfall


DATE: APRIL 16, 2024

South Brunswick, NJ — Dan Dart, a congressional candidate and advocate for high-quality public education, attended the South Brunswick Board of Education meeting on April 11.

In light of the current funding formula for public schools in New Jersey, which has resulted in the highest property taxes in the country, Dart highlights the disparity in federal allocation, with only about 1% of the overall budget dedicated to educational spending. He believes there is room to reallocate more federal funding to education without impacting overall spending or taxes.

South Brunswick Public Schools, renowned for their stellar performance, are currently facing a $6.2-million shortfall. Dart, a former Board member of the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education, brings valuable expertise in education funding to the table. He emphasized the urgency of reallocating federal funds for education, stating, "It's crucial to act now to protect our children's education without burdening residents with property tax hikes." Dart pledged to advocate for increased federal funding for education, ensuring that schools in South Brunswick and other districts facing shortfalls have the resources they need to excel.

Dart's stance resonates with the broader implications of prioritizing education. He underscores the symbiotic relationship between a well-funded education system, economic strength, and community well-being, stating, "By prioritizing education, we strengthen our economy, prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow, and safeguard property values."

Dart's proactive engagement and steadfast advocacy in ensuring equitable access to quality education reflect his commitment to the prosperity and welfare of the 12th Congressional District.

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